Gerontology – Graduate Certificate


With more people over the age of 65 alive today than any other period in history, now is the time to advance your knowledge in assisting the elderly.


We live in an aging society in which the older population is growing both in absolute numbers and in proportion to all other age groups. Businesses, government agencies, service organizations, educational institutions, and self-employed professionals from every economic sector are recognizing the need for specialized knowledge and skills to meet the needs of this changing demography.

Diverse career specializations

People who are interested in this diverse field come from many disciplines, professions, and clinical areas, such as:

Social work
Nursing Counseling
Public policy
Long-term care administration
Adult education
Rehabilitation therapy

University partnerships

Iowa State University is a member of Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (GP IDEA), a consortium of universities that have come together to offer fully online degree programs. This collaboration provides Iowa State University students the opportunity to take a variety of courses taught by gerontology faculty and professionals across institutions.

Admission Requirements

Graduate College Requirements:

  • 4 year Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)
    Academic Records/Transcripts
    Minimum 3.0 GPA (Program may alter requirement.)
    Proof of English Proficiency

Visit the Graduate College’s webpage for program-specific requirements and details about the application process.


Total: 15 Credits

The Course Planner provides a list of courses and shows when they are traditionally offered.

Contact Information


2624 Howe Hall

Joe Sample
Faculty Adviser
1369 Palmer Building