Advanced Manufacturing – Graduate Certificate

Advanced Manufacturing centers on improving the performance of the manufacturing industry through the innovation in manufacturing processes and systems.  The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Manufacturing provides students who have strong science, technology, mathematics and/or engineering backgrounds with additional graduate education in advanced manufacturing to address this important local and national need.  The objectives of the certificate are to:

  • provide students with education in the area of manufacturing process development and advanced techniques.
  • fulfill a workforce need for educated individuals with a knowledge of advanced manufacturing  concepts
  • provide opportunity to practicing engineers so that they can obtain a formal recognition of focused graduate study in the area of advanced manufacturing

Earning the certificate will enhance the competitiveness, technical knowledge, and resulting working efficiency of the students. The certificate also serves as a stepping stone into our professional coursework-only Master of Engineering programs.

Students can receive the certificate in as little as 9 months by taking two courses per semester.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to the certificate program, the applicant should have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field from a college, university, or technical school of recognized standing.

Other degree programs will be considered on an individual basis, but completion of a calculus sequence through differential equations is required. High academic achievement or other persuasive evidence of professional accomplishments is expected for admission to the program.

Admission and application procedures are on the Graduate College website. Students may take up to 9 credits as a non-degree seeking student, so it is possible to begin your studies before formal admittance into the program.

Certificate Requirements

Students will be required to complete 12 graduate credits.  For the advanced manufacturing graduate certificate, the students will need to take three courses from the advanced manufacturing list and one from the design innovation list.


Advanced Manufacturing courses (Choose 3 courses)

  • ME 520 Material and Manufacturing Considerations in Design
  • ME 521 Mechanical Behavior and Manufacturing of Polymers and Composites
  • ME 527 Mechanics of Machining and Finishing Processes
  • ME 528 Micro/Nano Manufacturing
  • IE 545 Rapid prototyping and manufacturing
  • IE 546 Geometric variability in manufacturing
  • IE 549 Computer aided Design and Manufacturing
  • IE 543x Wind Energy Manufacturing
  • IE 642 Simultaneous Engineering in Manufacturing Systems


Design Innovation courses (Choose 1 course)

  • ME 523X Creativity and Imagination for Engineering and Design
  • ME 517 Advanced Machine Design
  • ME 525 Optimization methods for Complex design
  • ME 557 Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling
  • ME 564 Fracture and Fatigue of Materials
  • ME 625 Surface Modeling

Continuing on for a Master’s Degree

If a recipient of a graduate certificate decides to continue for a graduate degree, the person must seek approval from that degree program. Credits earned for the graduate certificate may be used to meet Master of Engineering degree requirements in either Mechanical Engineering or Industrial Engineering.

Contact Information

Pranav Shrotriya
Director of Graduate Education
Mechanical Engineering

Gary Mirka
Director of Graduate Education
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering