Biochemistry – Graduate Certificates

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Required credits: 12

The Roy J. Carver Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology offers two Graduate Certificate programs in Biochemistry.  Both certificate programs are designed to provide a mechanism for formal recognition of focused graduate study in the specialized area of biochemistry for either undergraduate students or for those who have already earned their degrees.  A total of 12 credits must be completed to earn each graduate certificate.

Graduate Certificate in Biochemistry

The Graduate Certificate in Biochemistry is intended for those who have already earned their degree who are seeking formal recognition of focused graduate study in the area of biochemistry that is less comprehensive than the master’s degree.  The standards for Graduate College admission for a graduate certificate are the same as those required for admission for the master’s degree.

Built-in flexibility allows students to complete their courses, some of which are offered online, at their own pace relative to their professional, family, and other commitments.  Due to the smaller class size for graduate courses, a student in the certificate program will develop collaborative relationships with faculty members who are often national and international leaders in their fields.  Best of all, graduate study at Iowa State is offered in a friendly, personal environment in which your professors and peers will support your ambitions and pursuit of knowledge.

After earning a graduate certificate in biochemistry, credits earned can be used to meet degree requirements towards a graduate degree with thesis in biochemistry, if approved by the Program of Study Committee.

Recommended courses for the graduate certificate

Concurrent Bachelors / Graduate Certificate in Biochemistry

This graduate certificate program is intended mainly for biochemistry undergraduate majors, but other undergraduate majors may apply.  It was designed for students interested in a credential to help them prepare for graduate or medical school, or to provide certification of completion of a rigorous program in biochemistry for a career outside academia.  Graduate courses have a smaller class size, creating an engaged and interactive teaching environment.  Students have more opportunity to interact with their instructors, who can then provide a more comprehensive letter of recommendation when needed.

Recommended courses for concurrent bachelors

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