Computer Networking – Graduate Certificate

Our Computer Networking Certificate Program provides students with advanced knowledge and skills in computer networking that large information technology companies desire. The program covers areas including:

  • high-performance networks
  • optical networks
  • network performance modeling
  • wireless networks
  • wireless sensor networks
  • ad hoc networks

This certificate serves the continuing education role for professionals in the rapidly evolving area of computer networking.  The program is designed to enhance your competitiveness, technical knowledge, and resulting working efficiency. It also serves as a stepping stone into our professional coursework-only Master of Engineering programs.

Students can receive the certificate in as little as 9 months by taking two courses a semester.  Several of the courses offer hands-on learning experience where the students will be able to perform experiments and use software systems remotely through the Internet.

Admission Requirements

Entry into the Computer Networking Graduate Certificate Program requires a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering from a four-year college, with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Admission and application procedures are on the Graduate College website. Students may take up to 9 credits as a non-degree seeking student, so it is possible to begin your studies before formal admittance into the program.

Certificate Requirements

To obtain the Computer Networking Graduate Certificate, students must complete 12 total credit hours of courses, including a 3-credit hour required course and 9 credit hours of elective courses.

Required Courses

  • CprE 541: High-Performance Communication Networks

Elective Courses

  • CprE 582: Computer Systems Performance
  • CprE 542: Optical Communication Networks
  • CprE 543: Wireless Network Architecture
  • CprE 546: Wireless Sensor Networks
  • CprE 547: Resource Allocation in Communication Networks
  • CprE 522X:  Cognitive Radio Networks

Course descriptions are in the course catalog and experimental courses list

Continuing on for a Master’s Degree

If a person who receives a graduate certificate decides to continue for a graduate degree, the person needs to seek approval from that degree program. Credits earned for the graduate certificate may be used to meet Master of Engineering degree requirements if approved by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering’s Director of Graduate Education. If the student wishes to continue and get a Master of Engineering in computer engineering, the student must be admitted to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Contact Information

Joseph Zambreno