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Committed to student achievement, Iowa State University joins UPCEA

Author: Chad Sanborn | Image: Chad Sanborn

Committed to student achievement, Iowa State University joins UPCEA

In 2021, 28% of undergraduates and 40% of graduate students pursued their education exclusively online. In a move that highlights its commitment to online students, Iowa State University joined the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA).

What does UPCEA do?

Iowa State’s membership in UPCEA benefits students who take online courses. UPCEA supports those working in the growing field of professional, continuing, and online education. It is through UPCEA’s innovative events, research, and networking that Iowa State can continue to improve teaching and learning.

Advancing education for adult students

Prioritizing today’s adult learners, UPCEA provides resources for leaders in online and continuing education. Additionally, UPCEA presents daily curated educational news and offers hallmark standards that keep university leaders informed, making sure that decisions are in the best interests of online students and always aligned with the latest trends for adult learners. UPCEA’s activities and goals align well with the online instructors at Iowa State. Both bring a growth mindset to education and are continuously striving to advance student-centered learning.

Dive into flexible, convenient, high-quality education now

Iowa State’s UPCEA membership enhances the quality of online learning for students. Be one of the many students reaping the benefits of Iowa State’s UPCEA membership. Unlock your full potential through the transformative power of online education at Iowa State Online. Request more information about Iowa State Online courses and programs today.

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