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Digital accessibility: in conversation with Kavya Ramamoorthy

Author: Chad Sanborn | Image: Chad Sanborn

Digital accessibility: in conversation with Kavya Ramamoorthy

In a rapidly evolving digital age, the nuances of technology and its interface with human touchpoints have become crucial. One individual working in this expanding field is Kavya Ramamoorthy, a proud graduate of Iowa State University’s human-computer interaction (HCI) online master’s program. Now, as a Digital Accessibility Specialist, she is in a position to enhance the online experience for Citibank customers.

A seamless transition from class to profession

“Taking the course in digital accessibility opened my eyes to the world of inclusive design. That’s how I transitioned to my current team at Citibank.” Speaking about how her academic experience fueled her professional journey, Kavya also shared, “One of the reasons I got this current role is because of the courses I was taking in the online master’s program.”

Flexibility: the bedrock of online learning

Maintaining a work-life balance while pursuing education is a challenge. Kavya’s experiences resonate with many. “Flexibility was very important. A lot of my graduate courses could be taken around my work schedule,” she stated. That worked well with the demands of her job as well as her desire to preserve other aspects of her life.

Iowa State’s uniqueness: broadening horizons

When asked about her choice of Iowa State University’s online program among the other programs available, Ramamoorthy was clear about her preference. “It was the specific course load with the human-computer interaction degree. They have four different core areas, and I wanted to explore that breadth in HCI,” she explained. The HCI master’s program is interdisciplinary and has courses taught by professors across Iowa State departments.

Ramamoorthy also told of an elective course she took while completing her core studies, “One of my classes that I loved was in world media studies. It was great to take something fun and out of my comfort zone to learn relevant information.”

The personal touch in online education

“Whenever I talked to my professors, they were fantastic, and I love them,” Ramamoorthy remarked. In the online world, personal connections often get overlooked. But for Ramamoorthy, it was these personal touches that defined her experience.

“I would have professors reach out and be like, ‘Wow, I love the progress you’re making. I can see the growth.’ That was special, especially because I was online.” Having someone to offer personal support and motivation can greatly assist in managing the pressures of a full-time job while also remaining committed to self-directed learning.

Finding inclusivity and connection through online programs

Ramamoorthy experienced a sense of belonging and community at Iowa State. “I felt super supported. I felt like I was part of the Iowa State community. We were all gathering together, doing virtual hangouts over Zoom.”

Asked if she would consider Iowa State online programs in the future, her enthusiasm was palpable. “Oh, yes, definitely. I loved my experience. The professors’ enthusiasm is infectious, and it made me enjoy coming to class and doing the assignments.”

Ramamoorthy’s story is a testament to the power of a well-rounded education, not merely as a stepping stone to a job, but as a creator of a more inclusive and holistic digital landscape.

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