Faculty and Staff

Iowa State University seeks “to be the most student-centric research university and one that fosters life-long learning.” To best align with that goal, online units across the university were combined in January 2023. The new unit, Iowa State Online, was created in the reorganization of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.

Iowa State Online Goals

  • Support growth and innovation in online courses and degree programs
  • Foster a consistent brand for online education
  • Ensure a seamless, high-quality experience for both students and instructors

How Iowa State Online supports online courses and programs

  • Lists online programs on the Iowa State Online website so that they are easily searchable
  • Coordinates with a national research firm to assess online offering gaps and opportunities for colleges
  • Collaborates with online consortiums and partners on behalf of Iowa State University
  • Supports prospective online learners with general questions about online learning and navigation, such as:
    1. How do I apply to the university?
    2. How are courses delivered?
    3. Who do I contact for the online program I am interested in?
  • Supports current online learners by answering student support-related questions such as:
    1. How do I register for my online class?
    2. When is the deadline to drop my online class?
    3. What resources are available for online learners?
  • Acts as a liaison between departments and other units on campus

*As our services evolve, this list will be updated.

Services and operations that remain with the departments and programs

  • Academic advisor, DOGE, graduate program support
  • Department, college, and major professor roles
  • Online programs, curriculum, and course offerings
  • Program-specific support and administration
  • Curriculum changes
  • Current college marketing campaigns
  • Existing student services to prospective and current online learners

Faculty and Staff Instructional Support

For faculty and staff instructional support and design help, contact CELT Help or visit the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching website.

Please direct students with technical support questions to the Solution Center or 515-294-4000. Students with general questions about online courses and programs may contact Iowa State Online.