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New online childhood and family policy graduate certificate

Author: Chad Sanborn | Image: Chad Sanborn

New online childhood and family policy graduate certificate

Unlock your future in early childhood and family policy with our online graduate certificate!

If you are passionate about driving social change and championing advocacy, we have a program that is perfect for you. The College of Human Science’s new online graduate certificate in early childhood and family policy will equip you with the tools to champion equitable changes that accelerate the formulation of public and social policies affecting young children and their families domestically and internationally.

You will dive deep into childhood and family policy through four online eight-week courses. Here’s what you can expect from this program:

  • Data Understanding: Learn to navigate complex data, allowing you to make informed,
    evidence-based decisions that can transform lives.
  • Critical Thinking: Develop the ability to analyze policies critically and identify areas for
    improvement, ensuring that you become a true advocate for the voiceless.
  • Insights into Policy Formulation and Execution: Understand the links between childhood and family policies across various systems such as health care, education, family leave, mental health, child abuse and neglect, incarceration of parents and minimum wage, giving you a wider perspective in shaping social change.

But that’s not all. This program opens doors to diverse career growth opportunities in local and state government agencies, non-governmental entities and advocacy agencies. Whether you see yourself working in education, health, human or social services, this program will give you the necessary tools to succeed.

This online graduate certificate program is offered through the Innovative Digital Education Alliance (IDEA), a consortium of universities that have come together to offer fully online degree programs. Classes are taught by faculty nationwide publishing the most current research in early childhood and family policy.

A graduate certificate formally recognizes focused graduate-level study in a specialized area. Students who complete the program will receive a graduate certificate from Iowa State University.

Discover how our online graduate certificate in early childhood and family policy can help you make a positive difference in the lives of young children. Be part of the Iowa State University family and take a step toward a brighter future today. Request more information today and contact us to find out more.

Join us in shaping a better future for our children and families! We are recruiting now for Spring 2024 – the GRE is not required for admission. See full admission and application requirements.

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