Digital Health – Master’s

Digital Health

Coming Soon: Fall 2024
Explore the dynamic intersection of data analytics, technology and healthcare with the online digital health program. Get the cutting-edge skills and insights essential for driving positive change in the evolving landscape of healthcare delivery.

Coming Soon: Fall 2024

Elevate your career with the cutting-edge online master of digital health – a program designed to empower you with expertise in information and communications technologies within the health professions, health systems, and industry. Guided by distinguished faculty, the comprehensive curriculum explores wearable devices, mobile health, telehealth, and health information technology.

Whether you are seeking job promotion, a career change, or to advance your knowledge for immediate application in your current role, the program is catered to working professionals and is offered fully online to provide flexibility.

This online master’s degree can be completed in just one year, offering the flexibility to balance coursework with your professional commitments. Designed for working professionals, you can progress at your own pace.

Earn your master’s degree online in digital health with Iowa State

  • Join a community led by faculty pioneers in biomechanics, exercise physiology, and health promotion, steering the forefront of health tech advancements.
  • Immerse yourself in a culture of innovation as faculty spearhead groundbreaking research in mobile health tools, bridging the digital divide and applying techniques in real-world scenarios.
  • Engage in a high-impact capstone project, encompassing a diverse array of topics from mobile health interventions to ergonomic techniques.

  • Experience innovative teaching that seamlessly incorporates digital health tools and solutions, providing hands-on experience.
  • Gain expertise in biomechanical analysis and motion capture systems, enabling a deeper understanding of human movement.
  • Embrace a curriculum emphasizing the practical integration of digital health applications, ensuring a seamless transition from theory to real-world application.
  • Elevate your skills by mastering the seamless integration of digital health tools into health systems. The program prepares you to collaborate with healthcare professionals, optimizing patient care and rehabilitation programs for real impact.

  • Experience a holistic curriculum that expertly blends technological innovation with health sciences, providing a well-rounded understanding of the digital health landscape.
    • Begin with foundational courses introducing you to the field and research methods, followed by eight immersive courses that explore data analytics, machine learning/AI, personalized medicine, wearables, telemedicine, data governance, rehabilitation, behavioral health, disease management, public health, and leadership.
    • Complete a capstone project to gain real-world experience and be job-ready in the digital health landscape.

At a Glance

  • Total Credits: 30
  • Time to Complete: 1 year+
  • Format: 100% Online
  • Enroll: August, January, or May
  • Rapid Admission: 7-10 days

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Kira Werstein
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In The News

Iowa State University Launches Cutting-Edge Online Master of Digital Health Program

My work in digital health research has allowed me to jump right in with my new work position. I have been able to implement so many things I learned at Iowa State in the work I am doing now.

Adrienne Silberstein, kinesiology masters graduate

Industry Growth

  • 1.8 million

    Average openings projected each year in healthcare occupations due to employment growth

  • 28%

    Projected U.S. employment growth through 2032 of medical and health services managers

  • 45%

    Projected U.S. job gains through 2032 will be in the healthcare and social assistance sector

Diverse Career Paths

Accelerate your career at the intersection of health and technology with the Master’s in Digital Health, unlocking diverse opportunities in both public and private sectors.


  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Research
  • Government
  • Public Health


  • Healthcare IT
  • Clinicians
  • Telemedicine
  • Tele-care
  • Mobile Health Monitoring
  • Health Analytics
  • Software Engineers
  • Web Application Developers

Gain proficiency in incorporating digital technologies into health interventions, analyzing data for efficient solutions and integrating innovative technologies for patient empowerment.

With an online master’s in digital health, you’ll master in-demand skills to advance your career – from managing illnesses and enhancing treatment efficiency to personalizing interventions and promoting overall health and wellness. Secure your future in the digital health landscape with us!

Admission Requirements

Graduate College Requirements:

  • 4-year bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)
  • Academic Records/Transcripts
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA (Program may alter requirement.)

Proof of English Proficiency

Iowa State University and the Graduate College have three areas of English requirements related to graduate studies.

Graduate Program Information Sheet

Students outside of the program can take courses with the permission of the program director.

Learn from the best in the field

  • Megan Brady is working to develop a telehealth system aimed at extending athletic training services to rural school districts in Iowa.
  • Angie Brellenthin uses big data from accelerometry and EMR to examine associations between physical activity and health behaviors and chronic disease outcomes.
  • Duck-Chul Lee examines high-tech treadmills and weightlifting machines on aerobic, strength and health outcomes.
  • Kristen Metcalf uses wearable technology to promote physical activity and health.
  • Ann Smiley examines virtual physical activity sessions and their effects on motor control and sequencing in youth.
  • Elizabeth Stegemoller is improving the quality of life for Parkinson’s patients using virtual treatment interventions.
  • Greg Welk is working to improve arthritis care across the state with the Iowa Community Hub.
  • Kira Werstein uses a telehealth approach with clinical health coaching to facilitate behavior change in individuals.