Meat Science – Graduate Certificate

In-depth training at your own pace.

Required credits: 12

The online Graduate Certificate in Meat Science focuses on formal and in-depth training on the scientific principles of fresh and processed meats, including microbiology and food safety. It is targeted primarily to meat and food industry personnel who desire training in meat science or who wish to expand and update their basic meat science knowledge. It allows participants the flexibility to pursue specialized training at their own pace and from the convenience of their own location.

This 12-credit online program will provide students with up-to-date knowledge and skills that will enable them to add more value to their organizations and further their career growth.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to reach out to Rodrigo Tarte, 515-294-8415 or before submitting a formal application.

Required Courses

FS HN 407: Microbiological Safety of Foods of Animal Origins – 3 Cr. | Spring

Examination of the various factors in the production of foods, from production through processing, distribution and final consumption which contribute to the overall microbiological safety of the food. Upon successful completion of this class, the student will receive both the Preventive Controls for Human Foods certificate (FDA program) and the International HACCP Alliance certificate (USDA-FSIS program).

AN S 563X: Advanced Processed Meats Technology – 3 Cr. | Spring

Physical, chemical and biological properties of meat important to processed meat product characteristics. Ingredients, technology and equipment used for fresh and cured meat products. Packaging, preservation and food safety issues critical to processed meat products are emphasized.

An S 573X: Fresh Meat Science and Technology – 3 Cr. | Fall

The quality, sensory and nutritional attributes of fresh meats and how they develop and how they are evaluated. The study of ante and postmortem factors impacting quantity, composition, structure, and chemistry of red meat and poultry muscle/meat.

AN S 590E: Special Topics: Meat Science – 3 Cr. | Fall, Spring, Summer

Special topics in the animal sciences, offered on demand and may be conducted by guest professors.

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