Seed Business Management – Graduate Certificate

Seed Business Management Graduate Certificate Program

Credits: 16

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The objective of this Seed Business Management Graduate Certificate is to provide students with core graduate level management and leadership skills that will enable them to better serve seed and agricultural biotechnology businesses and regulatory agencies, their customers and their stakeholders, in an increasingly complex environment. In addition to mastery of the business analytical procedures, the students will learn how seed value is created and delivered in market economies, and how government regulation impacts the delivery of value to customers, the appropriate scope of effective regulation, and various ethical approaches to regulation.

Areas of study include:

  • Business analysis skills
  • Creation of seed value in market economies
  • Evaluation of the impact of government regulation on the delivery of value to customers

Earning one of these certificates represents about half of the content of the Master of Science in Seed Technology and Business program. The certificate may be either the final objective of the student or an intermediate stop on his/her way to a master’s degree.


Lori Youngberg
195F Seed Science Center