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Improving the online learning experience with Iowa State Online

Author: Chad Sanborn | Image: Chad Sanborn

Improving the online learning experience with Iowa State Online

Insights from student feedback

Choosing an online program can be a difficult decision. At Iowa State Online, we’re committed to making that decision as easy as possible. We conducted a first-of-its-kind survey to assess how our students feel about our online programs and services. We received valuable feedback that we’re excited to act on.

The survey showed that many students are satisfied with their learning experience, and in our constant effort to increase access to consistent, student-centered learning experiences, we continue to strive for improvement. We identified opportunities to enhance the online student experience:

  1. New Student Orientation: We are creating orientation materials that will assist students enrolled in online programs.
  2. Community Building and Connectedness: We are working on ways for online students to connect with each other and with the university community.
  3. Instructor Understanding of Online Students: We are partnering with faculty to help enhance the experience of students in online programs; one example is our forthcoming online program growth toolkit.

At Iowa State Online, we’re dedicated to providing an enriching online learning experience for our students, and we’re excited to make these improvements based on the feedback we’ve received. We want our students to feel heard and valued, and we invite you to join us on your academic journey.

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